Expert Flooring.

Flooring is a major refurbishment and requires a team with versatile skills and practical experience.  

Versatile Flooring

From sub-floor preparation and careful planning, to choosing the right surface material, our team is standing by to assist. Simply, let us know what you imagine your dream bathroom looks like!


We host an array of interactive home renovation and DIY events in Ontario area! 

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We offer every aspect of flooring and our multi-skilled teams have done it all, from real wood and laminates, to vinyl, carpets and concrete.  

Outdoor Decking

Hardwood Flooring


Vinyl & Laminates

Marble Flooring

Stone Flooring

Let our work do the talking…

Our aim is to become the leading integrated renovation services provider for seamless home, commercial and industrial improvement and maintenance.

We adhere to strict environmentally responsible practices, including a focus on energy efficiency, self-sustainability, solar power, and using environmentally friendly products.

Challenges Accepted!

Renocentric is an integrate renovation solutions provider in Ontario. We aim to enhance the value of your home through quality workmanship and affordable solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

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