Basement Renovations Deluxe!

When it comes to come Home Improvements, it pays to talk to a professional.

Dream BIG!

Basement renovations is an art and requires a varied and experienced skill-set including carpentry, plumbing, engineering, construction, flooring, and painting.

Get a team of experts behind your basement renovation idea and your budget will go so much further.


We host an array of interactive home renovation and DIY events in Ontario area! 

Need Expert Advice?

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Whether it’s a home-office installation, minor plumbing fix, or complete man-cave makeover, our contractors are specialists in their respective fields and ready to assist with ideas and techniques to help you save.  

Home Office Conversion

Man Caves & Lounges

Laundry Installation

Storage Expansion

More Bang for Your Basement.

More than gaining storage space, renovating a basement is sure to raise the value of your property. Speak to us about basement renovations within budget and on time, every time!

Challenges Accepted!

Renocentric is an integrate renovation solutions provider in Ontario. We aim to enhance the value of your home through quality workmanship and affordable solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

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